What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Great customer service and prices. Thank you for filling my prescription so fast."

"The staff is amazing and very friendly. I enjoy walking into a business that knows me!"

"I recommend everyone check these guys out! Luis and Praveen will take great care of anyone that walks through their door!"

"I had a wonderful experience with this pharmacy."

"I had a great experience with both the pharmacist and staff. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get the best service and prices in the area! They'll take care of you!"

"Thank you for your great customer service and prices. I was really surprised at how inexpensive the meds were. I’m referring all my friends and family to your pharmacy!"

"Great customer service and prices! Would definitely recommend them to anyone! It's about time Killeen got a community pharmacy who cares about more than just the money. Great community pharmacy!"

"Mr. Kali, thank you, and your wife, for such great hospitality while taking care of my meds for me. I will let all of my friends know that you have the greatest deals for anyone wanting to save money. The atmosphere is the best, and the service is fast. Thank you very much! God bless you!"

"The staff was very friendly and helpful. They provide Killeen with an affordable, and personal, pharmacy to go to."

"The Pharmacist was very kind. I left with my medication in less than a few minutes. I will have all my prescriptions transferred here because I felt very comfortable with their service."

You can help Bell Rx by leaving a great review on Google - thank you!