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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide outstanding pharmaceutical services to the community of Texas, serving with compassion and vigor to ensure medication safety, accuracy, and efficacy in all our clients.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a society thriving in health success and pharmaceutical excellence, and we strive to be instigators of a society like this.


Our Pharmacy

We thank you for choosing BELL RX DISCOUNT PHARMACY as your trusted provider of medications, medical supplies, and prescription refills. Our pharmacy is staffed with friendly, well-trained, and accommodating pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We are ready to fulfill your prescriptions and provide for your health care supply needs – no matter how unique they may be. We understand that every patient has distinctive needs. Because of this, we personalize our approach to meet your health requirements by:

  • Having private consultations with customers regarding their medication plan, their budget, and other critical factors that affect their health in terms of medical supplies and medications
  • Providing Generic Plans with the availability of a wide range of generic medications that are less costly compared to brand name drugs available in the market
  • Offering compounding of medications as an alternative to mass-produced medications in the market; ideal for patients who have inimitable health care requirements as prescribed by their physician

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